RoundiconRT  HawkEye™ in Real Time

Advancements in our technology have allowed us to provide the HawkEye program as a comprehensive real-time directional drilling service, giving an unlimited number of authorized users access to an active directional drilling operation. This service is called HawkEye™ RT, and incorporates all of the features of the original HawkEye™ program as well as the following:

  • live steering guidance in 2D and 3D
  • server-fed timelog and depthlog information
  • hydraulics and torque & drag analysis on the live data
  • graphically displayed the current BHA and top drive height
  • unlimited remote users
  • secure and free project data server storage

HawkEye™ RT Saves Operators Money on Drilling

RT strengthens companies that are directional drilling by reducing the costs of drilling by 25-35%. Companies who connect to a job with HawkEye™ RT can allow any personnel in the company view timelog, depthlog and survey data. Their access can be restricted to view-only, or their authorization expanded to add/edit target and proposal information. This phenomenon results in three things:

  1. Fewer errors: More eyes on the drilling operation means there is a much smaller chance for errors to occur. Reach targets within compliance of regulatory requirements.
  2. Better wells: The result of fewer errors is the drilling of better wells that include maximized payzone contact, wells that contain fewer kinks and severe doglegs, and wells that ultimately produce better overall. Drilling on time and on budget matters more than ever.
  3. Faster Decisions: With more personnel exposed to so many aspects of the same job at the same time, a company is able to speed up the decision-making process in a directional drilling operation and get things done with fewer unnecessary emails and other redundant communication.


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