WinSURV2™ is a complete database and graphical database reporting package for the independent directional driller or directional drilling company. A WinSURV2™ license comes with every HawkEye™ license purchased.

WinSURV2™ contains a database of all the BHAs and daily activity reports for all the jobs that a company has ever been on, and has that database in a common format through which customized queries can be used to summarize any activity at any time. It allows a company to have the primary data to be the directional drillers, who generate the data. It also allows directional drillers to have a tool that reduces the amount of time they spend on generating necessary paperwork. All of this data is then collected in a central database where it can be accessed on a network. Reports can be exported as PDF files. This makes it ideal for electronic storage and distribution.


Report Types


The hydraulics program is used to calculate the pressure and or flow rate of the drill string. It incorporates Bingham Plastic or Power Law models that have been widely used for years in the oil industry, and are proven to be accurate when applied to the right type of drilling mud.

Generally, the Bingham Plastic model is used for oil based drilling muds and the Power Law model is used for water based drilling muds. The interface for the Hydraulics program is exceptionally easy to use and is directly integrated with the WinSURV2™ Reporting package.

The screenshot shown below illustrates the main screen of the Hydraulics program.

Up to 10 jets can be used and their sizes can be easily adjusted with the slider controls shown in the middle of the page. Each time a slider control is adjusted the entire Hydraulics is completely recalculated; this allows the user to optimize their jets for the desired parameters very quickly.

The report, that can be viewed as a PDF below, is a succinct and well crafted report illustrating all of the important data on a single, easy to read page.

To view the example, click below. The file will open in your browser. Then you may save the PDF file, if you like, to view it later.

See an example pdf report file.


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